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Bio-Jet Fuels Production from Macaw Oil Palm in Brazil: an Assessment Based on a Comprehensive Database of Feedstocks


Walter, A., Seabra, J.E.A., Rocha, J., Guarenghi, M., Vieira, N., Damame, D. , Santos, J.


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A comprehensive geospatial database of feedstocks has been built and used to assess the potential of biofuel production for aviation in Brazil. The information available on the WebGIS platform, called SAFmaps, corresponds to eight feedstocks that can be used in three certified production routes. The dataset allows defining areas suitable for cultivation, estimating yields and potential costs. Restrictions on the selection of areas may be imposed, excluding, for example, areas covered by natural vegetation, preserved areas, areas intended for food production and regions where there could potentially be socioeconomic problems. In addition, users can combine agricultural information with available infrastructure data (for example, paved roads, railways, pipelines, existing conversion units, etc.). This paper reports a case study in which the HEFA-SPK route was considered, based on macaw palm oil (macauba). Ten different locations were evaluated in the Brazilian Southeast and Centre-West regions. Supply curves were used to define the most suitable supply alternative sites at three oil refineries (two in the Southeast and the third in the Northeast), alongside which industrial units could be installed. In most favorable cases, the minimum selling prices (MSP) of bio-jet fuels were estimated in the range of 16.0 to 19.6 .GJ-1 (685 to 840 Euro.t-1). A sensitivity analysis was performed to estimate impacts on variations in oil yield, which is the most uncertain parameter, and the conclusion is that important gains can be achieved. Although there is still not much knowledge about macaw palm production on a commercial scale, the results indicate the potential feasibility of producing sustainable aviation fuels in the medium to long term.


biofuel, energy crops, geographical information system (GIS), database, vegetable oil


Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy


Biomass Potentials and Biomass Production Models


29th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition




45 - 56



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