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An Urgent Call for the Phase-Out of Fossil Space Heating Systems and for the Support of Renewables in the Heating Sector


Rutz, D., Ball, I., Di Costanzo, B., Janssen, R., Tretter, H., Knaus, K., Drexlmeier, S., Baumann, C., Puente, F., Šegon, V., Balić, D., Silajdzic, F., Arnaut, S., Nikolaev, A., Jerotić, S., Stegnar, G., Markovska, N., Duic, N., Skreiberg, Ř., Mišech, A., Arrowsmith, G.


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In order to meet the climate change target of limiting global warming to 1.5 °C as well as the target of a full decarbonisation by 2050, systems for space heating based on fossil fuels must be phased out as soon as possible. This applies to oil boilers, but also to natural gas boilers, as well as to the supply of district heating (DH) based on fossil fuels. Current fossil fuel heating sources need to be substituted in the future by a broad mix of different renewable energy sources, including biomass, solar thermal energy, free energy, geothermal energy, and renewable electricity. Biomass is the dominant renewable energy source for space heating today and will play also a crucial role in a fully decarbonised space heating scenario in Europe. The paper introduces the current ongoing activities of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC-ETIP) which has recently released the “2050 vision for 100 % renewable heating and cooling in Europe”. It furthermore presents the EU H2020 project REPLACE which aims to boost the phase-out of inefficient and old heating and cooling systems by targeting consumers, investors/owners as well as intermediaries (installers, plumbers, and chimney sweepers) and helps them to make informed decisions.


district heating, heating, energy efficiency, consumers, renewable heating, phase out plans


Bioenergy Integration


Citizen awareness and engagement education, promotion and inclusion


28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition




930 - 932



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