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Large Scale Utility CFB Technology in Worlds Largest Greenfield 100% Biomass Power Plant


Nuortimo, K., Eriksson, T., Nevalainen, T.


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Major incentives on wind and solar power and decreasing consumption have nearly stalled thermal power investments in Europe. While fossil fuels are facing strong political pressures, there seems to be a market for CO2 neutral thermal power and heat production. Today's market situation requires fuel flexible technologies, while maximum efficiency and economics of scale drive towards utility size solutions. The world’s largest greenfield biomass power plant in the United Kingdom is taking the Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) combustion technology to the 300-MWe scale with 100% biomass fuels. MGT Teesside Limited has selected Técnicas Reunidas (TR), in a consortium with Samsung C&T, for the execution of a contract to build a new 299-MWe combined heat and power (CHP) plant within the Teesport Estate near Middlesbrough, U.K. The CHP plant will be provided by one CFB boiler supplied by Amec Foster Wheeler. The power plant will utilize wood pellets and wood chips that will be sourced from sustainable forest by-products in North America and sustainable wood chips mainly from the United Kingdom. Besides providing controllable and nearly CO2 free energy by using renewable fuels, the plant will comply with the most stringent emission limits set for the traditional (SOx, NOx, dust) as well as previously unlimited pollutants, such as NH3, Hg, HCl and HF. High-efficiency biomass power plants need to utilize advanced steam parameters and in Tees Renewable Energy Project (REP) they are 176 / 43.8 bar(a), 568 / 568 °C. With sufficiently clean biomass and state-of-the-art design, such high steam parameters can be applied while maintaining high availability and acceptable lifetimes of boiler pressure parts. When this CHP plant enters commercial operation in January 2020, it will introduce the world’s largest and most advanced 100% biomass fired CFB based power plant. This paper presents the key technical features in large scale biomass CFB-boiler technology.


biomass, pellet, CFB, tees


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25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition




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