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pfeil 27th EUBCE - The conference plenaries preview by David Baxter
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27th EUBCE - The conference plenaries preview by David Baxter

The theme of the 27th EUBCE in May 2019 in Lisbon is the role of biomass in delivering the Paris targets and sustainable development goals. This is indeed a broad and at the same time a very specific and demanding challenge. Over the years the EUBCE and evolved from a focus on the science behind biomass utilization to the wide scope of biomass science and its use in technologies to provide vital contributions to mitigate climate change. This means the sustainable use of biomass not only for energy but for supply of the widest possible range of fuels for transport, and chemicals and materials for industrial and domestic applications. It means building on a growing modern bioeconomy, always with the aim of reducing fossil greenhouse gas emissions in the most optimum manner and always in a complementary way with other renewable sources.

Utilisation of biomass presents good opportunities to deliver a number of social, environmental and economic benefits in addition to climate and energy goals. For example, bioenergy is playing an increasingly important role in the energy system, both in directly replacing fossil energy and in permitting greater proportions of variable renewables from solar and wind through grid balancing. While these actions are already making progress in many countries, this conference aims to expand its geographical scope, to reflect the biomass contribution in various regions of the world, including Africa and Latin America.

The EUBCE programme in Lisbon will be addressing five topics covering

(1) biomass resources,
(2) biomass conversion technologies for heating, cooling and electricity,
(3) biomass conversion technologies for energy carriers, chemicals and materials
(4) biomass sustainability, impacts and policies
(5) bioenergy integration in energy systems.

Each of these topics will be addressed from both scientific and industrial application perspectives within the conference programme. Along with these core topics plenary sessions will provide overviews of key areas and provide additional opportunities to learn more of the role of biomass in delivering the sustainable development goals.

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The conference plenaries are previewed around the two strands of biomass.

Strand 1: Biomass technological progress towards decarbonised energy system
Strand 2: Biomass industry perspectives to meet sustainable development and climate goals

In this article the preview of Strand 1 is exposed.
Strand 2 will be published in further upcoming news.

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