Heinz Ossenbrink

EUBCE Online Coordinator

Dear EUBCE follower,

On behalf of the whole ETA team I would like to convey our best wishes for 2022.

The EUBCE 2022 with its 30th anniversary edition will take advantage of the last two years of online experience. Whilst the current situation with the pandemic is more dynamic than ever, we still are looking forward to an in-person event, however with restrictions.

How is the EUBCE programme coming up?

To prepare the right Christmas gift, the Executive Committee met online to review the draft programme delivered by the scientific committee which reviewed and scored all abstracts you were submitting. The team did a great job in finalizing the preliminary programme outline just before Christmas. You can download it here.

Programme details - Novelties and Niceties

At a closer look, the preliminary programme provides for some changes as we want to refine further the on-line experience. We are introducing or enhancing the following elements:

Panel Debates

With the EUBCE 2022 we will introduce “Panel Debates”, which will address a single theme. This can be an emerging theme, a wrapping of an issue spanning over different fields, a chat on the history and progress of Biomass development, or a new policy-issue, to name just a few. The debates will be of one hour duration aiming to bring together experts selected in a way to allow even a controversial debate. Major element of the moderated Panel discussions is the audience and we would expect and enjoy critical questions. We would also encourage participants from other time-zones to send in advance contributions and questions

E-Poster Colloquium Sessions

These are discussion sessions based on selected posters of these subtopics. We encourage the audience to visit the relevant e-posters before joining a colloquium. The presenters of the e-posters in these discussion sessions are encouraged to be online and at their poster during these face-to-face colloquia, which will be as close to a real world poster session as possible. You are encouraged to use the search function of the programme-gallery, where you will be able to filter the selected posters of a specific colloquium session.


We have merged exhibiting and sponsorship this year, offering 4 packages with a range of opportunities for exposure and networking to promotion and influence. Package opportunities include an interactive, multimedia page on the EUBCE platform, as well as, the ability to suggest panel topics, moderate, or even plan your own side session. We are excited for everyone to be an active contributor this year and to collectively shape the future of biomass! For more information contact sponsorship@etaflorence.it.

Stay tuned, exciting news and information will follow soon!







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