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Welcome to EUBCE 2017 - The Largest Biomass Science and Industry Gathering

EUBCE: 37 Years of Evolving Trends in Bioenergy

This June in Stockholm the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) will celebrate its 25th edition.

Ever since Europe and its Member States begun developing policies and research programs for renewable energy, the EUBCE has always been an important event to collect the knowledge and to share the views of biomass experts from research, industry, and policy.

At the time of the first “International Conference on Biomass”, held in 1980 in Brighton and organized by the Commission of European Communities, DG Research Science and Education, the policy debate and the technological development in renewable energy were still in the early stages and the awareness about the potential contribution of energy from biomass was limited.

The deployment of the potential of biomass has only been possible thanks to a large, continued and concerted effort in research and development, combined with the introduction of effective policy measures at National and European level. Throughout the evolution of the bioenergy sector as we know it today, the role of the European Union (and the former European Community) has been fundamental in supporting both these aspects, with resources and with coordination. In this context, the EUBCE has always played its role to promote the debate among the different stakeholders.

This year the opening session of the EUBCE 2017 (12-15 June) will discuss “The Indispensable Role of Biomass ”as part of the Paris Climate Agreements. With more than 1,000 abstracts from 78 countries, including a record number (584) of proposals for peer reviewed papers, the EUBCE will continue to focus on how to close the gap between research achievements and industrial implementation.

This post is based on an article originally published on Bioenergy International, No. 92, 2/2017.

EUBCE 2000, 1st World Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Seville

Scientific Opening / Plenary Session

Free Admission from 9 am to 12:30 pm

Monday's Scientific Opening Session features 4 plenary presentations which demonstrate biomass technologies at their best. These are the first presentations of the 4 days Conference. More than 800 contributions to the Conference will be featured during this week.

09:00 - 10:00 Application of Science in Industry


Nicolae Scarlat, Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate, Italy

Remigijus Lapinskas, World Bioenergy Association, President, Sweden

  • Anneli Waldén, Stockholms Läns Landsting, Strategist Energy and Environment, Sweden
    Biomethane Bus Project

  • Mika Aho, St1 Nordic Oy, Director, Public Affairs and Communication, Finland
    Producing Ethanol from Wood Residue

  • Marko Janhunen, UPM Biorefining, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Finland
    Wood-based Biofuels – Opportunities for Decarbonisation

  • Oskar Meijerink, SkyNRG, Business Development Manager, The Netherlands
    Creating a Market for Aviation Biofuels

Opening Addresses + Moderated Opening Panel

10:10 – 11:20 Keynote speakers and panelists:
  • Chair Lena Ek
    Conference General Chair

    President of Södra Skogsägarna, Chaiperson of the Board of the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform, Sweden

  • Co-chair Henrik Ehrnrooth
    Conference General Co-chair

    Chairman of the Boards of Pöyry PLC and Chairman of the Climate Leadership Council, Finland

  • Piotr Szymanski
    European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Director of Energy, Transport and Climate, The Netherlands

  • Jakop Dalunde
    Member of the European Parliament, ITRE Committee, Belgium

  • Anders Wijkman
    Chair Swedish Parliamentary Committee on the Environmental Goals, Chair of the Governing Board Climate-KIC, Member of the Board at the think-tank Global Utmaning and former Member of the European Parliament, Sweden

  • Paula Abreu Marques
    European Commission, DG Energy, Head of Unit Renewables and CCS Policy, Belgium

11:30 – 12:30 Moderated Opening Panel

Topic: The Indispensable Role of Biomass

  • Paolo Frankl
    International Energy Agency, Head of Renewable Energy Division, France
Setting the Scene:

The Nordic Strategy for Bioeconomy

Tomas Lundmark, Swedish University of Agriculture Science, Professor of Forestry; Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Chairman of the Forestry Section, Sweden

The Importance of Biomass in Long-Term Sustainable Energy Scenarios – The IEA Bioenergy Roadmap Update

Paolo Frankl, International Energy Agency, Head of Renewable Energy Division, France

  • Jakop Dalunde
    Member of the European Parliament, ITRE Committee, Belgium

  • Giles Dickson
    Wind Energy Europe, CEO, Belgium

  • Marko Janhunen
    UPM Biorefining, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Finland

  • Tomas Kaberger
    Renewable Energy Institute, Executive Board Chairman, Sweden

Linneborn Prize 2017 Award / EUBIA 2017 Award

EUBCE Proceedings

Since the first conference, the EUBCE Proceedings have delivered access to new R&D results, with a high level of scientific and technical quality.

This year we are making an important improvement by including the proceedings in Scopus, the largest abstracts and citation database. The EUBCE proceedings are already included in WOS - Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Science, formerly ISI Proceedings (2014 edition).

A series of further measures have been implemented, aimed at maintaining and enhancing the status of the EUBCE Proceedings. These include:
  • Adoption of a full open access policy (from the 2012 edition), so that the proceedings are fully searchable (and citable) online as soon as published

  • Use of all available media tools to underline the quality of the Proceedings, stressing the peer review of the extended abstracts and the technical review of all submitted papers

  • Previous Online Proceedings have been submitted for indexing to the online research platform Google Scholar

  • The full papers of the Proceedings have already been indexed with digital object identifiers (DOI) since 2010

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