European Biomass Conference and Exhibition News No. 55

pfeil EUBCE 2017 Plenaries What is hot in Biomass R&D
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EUBCE 2017 Plenaries What is hot in Biomass R&D

The EUBCE Programme Committee has selected 1004 presentations, amongst those 276 orals, 12 plenaries and 716 visual presentations for the programme. For each of the pleanries we ask the presenters to introduce their theme for non-experts as well presenting their contribution to the state-of-the-art. The plenary sessions are as follow:

Monday 12 June, 9:00-10:00: The theme of this year's Keynotes on Applications of Science in Industry is new perspectives and approaches for bioenergy, with talks on production and utilisation of biofuels.

Tuesday 13 June, 10:15-12:30: First presentations are focused on utilisations of different potential biomass feedstocks, including the organic fraction of municipal waste. Then, recent findings in the field of thermochemical biomass conversion technologies are discussed as well as challenges and opportunities of establishing bioconversion processes for the bio-based economy.

Wednesday 14 June, 10:15-12:30: During the first session case studies related to direct or indirect land use change resulting from biomass feedstock production and sustainable non-food biomass supply are analysed. Following sessions focus on key approaches for the integration of bioenergy technologies implemented in a flexible manner to provide energy output on demand as well as the latest developments of large-scale industrial plants processing biomass residues and wastes to biofuels and bioenergy.

In all plenaries we plan time for questions and answers, so it's also a great chance to raise critical issues.

Looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm!

Dr. Nicolae Scarlat
Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate

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Present and Profile your Project during EUBCE

Looking for a great opportunity to present the results of your biomass project? Interested to disseminate and make the results and deliverables of your project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience?

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