pfeil Why haven't you considered submitting an abstract
to EUBCE 2022?
  pfeil EUBCE Awards: see what last year's participants have to say  


Why haven't you considered submitting an abstract
to EUBCE 2022?

Dear Biomass & Bioenergy Stakeholders:

"Participation at EUBCE is an experience of considerable scientific interest, it offers the opportunity to enrich knowledge in the environmental and energy field, while having the opportunity to receive international awards and publish scientific articles. EUBCE is a showcase on the world of scientific research in which everyone should be part to have greater notoriety, increase contacts, and to create a network of connections between experts and researchers on emerging issues aimed at having innovative ideas on systems for the protection of the planet through sustainable ways."

- Monica Carnevale, CREA, Italy
Poster Award EUBCE 2021

For those of you who have not yet submitted an abstract to showcase your work at EUBCE's 30th Edition in May 2022, we ask you: WHY NOT?!

Note that the submission deadline of 19th November is fast approaching and the benefits to participation are many. From permanent citability and features in renowned scientific publications, to global exposure for your work. (For a full list of benefits see here.)

But if that weren't enough, allow us to highlight that this edition's submissions will qualify for a number of awards and prizes, including:

Student Awards
Given during the closing session, to recognize significant contributions by students in the field of Biomass.

Poster Awards
Its own ceremony during each EUBCE edition highlighting exceptional visual presentations that combine scientific novelty and excellence.

EUBCE Awards: see what last year's participants have to say

If you aren't yet convinced that submitted submitting an abstract before 19th November is an excellent idea (which, empirically, you should be!), see what last year's participants have to say:

"Whilst my field of research (Hydrothermal Carbonisation) is a niche topic within the broad field of Biomass, participating in EUBCE 2021 allowed me to effectively learn from colleagues within this niche and beyond. Because of this, I have developed a more holistic view of the different methods to utilise biomass across the globe, which has simultaneously brought me back to the importance of my own research.

As a first year PhD student, achieving the Award for the Best Visual Poster from the largest and most renowned biomass conference in the world has been an excellent milestone achievement for me. It has been very impactful for my progression as it has demonstrated my research efforts to my review panel who were very impressed!"

- Eloise Beven, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Poster Award EUBCE 2021

"The 29th EUBCE was one of the best organised on-line conferences in which I participated during the daunting COVID-19 situation. It provided us the opportunity to discuss our work (presented as an audio-poster) with a focused audience. Positive feedback from conference participants encouraged us to continue in connecting bioenergy crops with agroforestry systems on agricultural land. Overall this was a very worthwhile experience."

- Jan Weger, Silva Tarouca Research Institute
for Landscape & Ornamental Gardening, Czech Republic
Poster Award EUBCE 2021

"It was a pleasure presenting my work in one of the wonderful poster sessions at EUBCE2021, held in a well-considered and functional new online format. I am looking forward to attending future EUBCE conferences because of their broad topics, interesting presentations and various possibilities to get in contact and discussions with researchers from all over the world."

- Clemens Hollenstein, BEST - Bioenergy & Sustainable Technologies, Austria
Poster Award EUBCE 2020

Deadline: 19 November 2021









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