pfeil Message from the Technical Programme Chair:
Biomass is part of our low-carbon future
  pfeil Call for Papers: The richness of EUBCE, is intrinsically linked to the outstanding quality of its contributors  


Message from the Technical Programme Chair:
Biomass is part of our low-carbon future

Nicolae Scarlat

European Commission, Joint Research Centre

EUBCE Technical Programme Chairman

The 30th edition of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, EUBCE 2022 will be held between 9th May and 12th May 2022. EUBCE continues to bring together the biomass community to discuss the scientific advances and innovations in biomass and bioenergy with the aim of advancing research and market uptake.

Facing climate and environmental challenges, the European Commission has taken firm commitment these global challenges, to conserve and enhance the natural capital and develop a more sustainable economy and society. Biomass is part of the solution and of our low-carbon future. Several biomass technologies are ready now to play an important role in the decarbonisation of the economy, as part of a circular economy, in the context of sustainable development. Biomass offers now several solutions in this energy transition, through a range of technologies to produce energy, sustainable fuels and biobased materials and chemicals.

For long time, EUBCE is not a mere European event, but a global event, attracting over 2,000 participants from academia and industry from about 90 countries from all over the world. EUBCE proposes a refined programme, structured in horizontal themes dealing with sustainable resources; sustainability, impacts and policies; and biomass integration, as well as vertical themes addressing technologies for biomass conversion to energy; bioenergy carriers and sustainable biofuels; and biobased products and chemicals.

Addressing the new opportunities and challenges, EUBCE proposes, in addition to the scientific sessions as part of the Scientific Track, a reinforced focus on industrial applications in the Industry Track to contribute to accelerating the implementation of the several technologies that are on the brink of achieving commercial maturity and large-scale market uptake. While a key goal of EUBCE is to increase industry participation at the conference, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) will play an important role in strengthening the scope the Industry Track sessions, to cover bio-based products that contribute to resource-efficient, sustainable low-carbon economies, in addition to industrial applications on bioenergy and sustainable biofuels.

EUBCE will offer again an excellent and integrated platform for interacting with others, sharing knowledge and ideas on the latest scientific achievements and industrial biomass applications in scientific and industry sessions, but also in the research and industry-based exhibition and in several hosted events and side sessions. Scientific work receives recognition during EUBCE, through the Linneborn Prize for outstanding contributions to the development of energy from biomass, Student Awards to young scientists or Poster Awards highlighting exceptional visual presentations. During EUBCE, the European Biomass Industry Association gives its annual prize to companies for their effort in supporting biomass development at commercial and industrial level.

It is therefore my great pleasure to invite you to be part of the next EUBCE 2022 and I count on your active participation to presentations and discussions.

Call for Papers: The richness of EUBCE, is intrinsically linked to the outstanding quality of its contributors

Thinkers, leaders, and innovators from academia, industry, and government.

With that in mind,
we invite you to submit* your work
for inclusion in the 30th edition of EUBCE

*Deadline for abstract submissions is 19th November 2021

Towards that, you might be asking yourself:
What kinds of abstracts is EUBCE 2022 looking for?

Great question! Well, EUBCE 2022 is looking to attract new academic and scientific work that has not yet been featured at any other conference. It is also looking to showcase ground-breaking ideas, innovative concepts, and real-world data about already-implemented operational solutions and experiences.

Note that,
EUBCE 2022 will not be limited to discussions about biomass!

EUBCE has been expanded (thanks to partners like BBI JU) to include topics such as: bio-based products, bioenergy integration, bio-based fuels, and more!

Find a full list of EUBCE 2022 topics here.

Not convinced yet?! Click here for more information about the benefits of having your abstract selected or jump to downloading the Abstract Submission Toolkit for a step-by-step guideline to this rather simple process.

Hoping to see your work at EUBCE’s 30th anniversary conference in 9-12th May 2022.









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