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pfeil e-EUBCE 2020 Programme Highlights: Topic 5 and 6
Previewed by David Baxter
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e-EUBCE 2020 Programme Highlights: Topic 5 and 6
Previewed by David Baxter

Topic 5: Bioenergy Integration

Monday 6 July

There is one visual/poster session on Monday afternoon on the whole of Topic 5 “Bioenergy Integration“. Commencing at 16:20, session 5AV.3 on “Deployment of Biomass and Alternate Fuels in Evolving Modern Energy Systems” covers a number of options concerning technology integration, for example using solar power and solar driven thermal processes, maintaining stability of electricity grids that are subject to fluctuating demand, operating bioenergy processes in flexible modes and for flexible feed-ins to grids, micro-grids in developing countries, and energy storage using the products of biomass conversion. The session also deals with alternative fuels and their most important building blocks, for example bio-SNG from sewage sludge. In addition, market perspectives for biomass production and how to reduce financing risks are addressed; examples given are, market dynamics for advanced lignocellulosic biofuels, supply chain management for bioenergy carriers and risk assessment for financing bioeconomy projects.

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Topic 6: Biomass Industry

Tuesday 7 July

There are two industry oral sessions on Tuesday afternoon. Starting at 14:00 for Topic 6.5 “Strategies and policies” and for Topic 6.6, “Sustainability and impacts”,  is session IBO.8 on “Strategies and Initiatives” which highlights successful strategies and policies being developed and implemented for the industrialization of renewable energy production, including a transition from existing agroindustries to integrated biomass logistics centres, smart strategies for switching away from coal in key regions, transition to a bioeconomy in Austria, and the contribution of advanced bioenergy for decarbonisation by 2030 and beyond.

Starting at 16:20 for Topic 6.3, “Power & heat processes and systems”, is session IBO.16 on “Industrial Power and Heat Processes and Systems”. This session covers a selection of innovative projects dealing mainly with pyrolysis, gasification and anaerobic digestion, each linked with the use of biomass feedstock or waste, for example low cost biogas cleaning for CHP using solid oxide fuel cells, synfuels from waste used in fuel cells for grid balancing, the potential and performance of residential-scale heating systems using fast pyrolysis oil for fuel, and the results of an investigation on the use of fast pyrolysis oil in an industrial gas turbine combustor.

There is also one visual/poster session starting at 09:00 jointly for the whole Industry Topic 6. This is session IBV.1, entitled “Strategies for and Deployment of Biomass in Energy Systems and in Industrial Process Chains”, and covering various feedstocks converted to a variety of intermediate and final products from biomass, carbon capture, and also operation experiences, technoeconomic assessments and next steps for developments towards industrialisation. The session is also providing examples of recovery of abandoned land for energy crop production, dedicated feedstock bioenergy plants, innovative algal biorefineries, novel biogas processes, integration of biomass into the energy system, tools for feedstock supply decision making, as well as successful strategies and policies for the industrialisation of renewable energy generation.

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The Programme for e-EUBCE 2020 offers a carefully designed programme of top-level international presentations giving participants in-depth insights into the latest research in the Biomass sector.

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