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Call for papers open

EUBCE 2024 is now open for abstract submissions.

Submit your abstract and get the chance to connect with biomass experts from all over the world and to discover what is so unique about EUBCE:
  • It is a place where the state of the art and latest achievements can be discussed, presented, and debated.

  • There is a broad topical coverage from science and technology to industry, products, applications, operations, economics, business models, markets, policy, and so on!

  • The whole sector is genuinely covered.

  • It is an excellent place to get an overview on everything that matters in biomass.

  • A meeting point for biomass specialists from around the world.

  • Presentations here allow science to be openly accessible to all.

  • It is a perfect place to find opportunities for new ideas and collaborations.

The Scientific Conference Topics are:
  • Topic 1 Sustainable resources for decarbonising the economy

  • Topic 2 Sustainability, impacts and policies

  • Topic 3 Biomass, bio-based products and bioenergy integration

  • Topic 4 Biomass conversion for bioenergy

  • Topic 5 Biomass conversion to intermediate bioenergy carriers and sustainable biofuels

  • Topic 6 Biomass conversion to bio-based products and chemicals

The Industry Track will be relevant than ever

The Biomass Industry and closely related research work are invited to submit abstracts on the following industry dedicated topics:
  • Topic 7.1 Sustainable biomass production and carbon management for industrial applications

  • Topic 7.2 Biomethane production

  • Topic 7.3 Advanced biofuels

  • Topic 7.4 Advanced biofuels – Aviation

  • Topic 7.5 Coprocessing biomass intermediates in refineries

  • Topic 7.6 Innovative production of bioproducts and biochemicals

Welcome on Marseille Planet Earth

Guillaume Boissonnet

CEA i-tésé
EUBCE ExCo Member

“France is very pleased and honoured to be hosting the EUBCE 2024 and would like to welcome you to the radiant city of Marseille.

In Europe and in France, bioenergy is the most widely used renewable energy. It makes a significant contribution to defossilising the energy mix. Although it is mainly used to produce heat and electricity, biomass has great potential for other applications such as biofuels, biogas and biomolecules.

European policies and those of a number of countries, including France, are showing that there is a great deal in the field of biomass, both for its uses and for its carbon storage properties: food, materials, molecules, energy and negative emissions.

Call it ‘Biomass’, ‘Biomass and Waste’ or ‘Bio-resources’! Whether it is lignocellulosic, agricultural, residues or waste, or whether it’s dry or wet, it remains an energy and carbon resource with a strong potential for carbon neutrality.

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EUBCE 2023 Conference Proceedings published

We are pleased to inform you that Conference Proceedings from EUBCE 2023 are now available online.

With 600 contributions and 1,198 pages, these conference proceedings capture the latest progress and state-of-the-art science and technology in biomass production and use and highlight their prospects for the future.

Note that, as in previous years, each paper included has a digital identifier (DOI code) that ensures permanent identification and citability. Since 2010 EUBCE proceedings are open-access and, since 2016 the proceedings are indexed in Scopus and are included in WOS, the Conference Proceedings Citation Index, formerly known as ISI Proceedings (2014 edition).

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