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pfeil e-EUBCE 2020 Programme Highlights starting today with Topic 1 and 2
Previewed by David Baxter
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e-EUBCE 2020 Programme Highlights starting today with Topic 1 and 2
Previewed by David Baxter

Topic 1: Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy

Monday 6 July

The main programme of the conference starts at 14:00 with parallel sessions. There will be two sessions from Topic 1.1, “Biomass potentials and biomass production models”. The first oral session is 1AO.1 on “Territorial Biomass Assessment” which comprises case studies of territorial biomass assessment and mobilisation from around the world, including energy crops and residues in Colombia, abandoned lands for biomass monitoring and remote satellite imagery and guidelines for sugarcane straw removal in Brazil.

Finally on Monday afternoon starting at 16:20, session 1AO.7, on “Achieving Sustainable Biomass Potentials”, looks at global biomass potentials and sustainability constraints, including global potential assessment of available land for bioenergy in 2050 taking into account food security limits and quantification of agricultural production potential in relation to food and biobased demands, as well as studies on climate impacts on mobilization of wood resources in France and giant reed potentials on marginal land in Italy.

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Topic 2: Biomass Technologies and Conversion for Bioenergy

Monday 6 July

The oral sessions for Topic 2 start at 14:00 with Topic 2.1, “Production and supply of solid fuels and intermediates”. The first session (2AO.2) is entitled “Production, Characterization and Quality of Solid Biofuels” and covers the development of innovative methods for solid biofuels characterization, factors influencing fuels quality and fuel standards, biomass management procedures to improve the fuel quality, as well as the combustion behaviour of solid biofuels and pellet production from underexploited forest and agricultural feedstocks.

Topic 2.2, “Biomass and bioliquids combustion for small and medium scale applications”, has one session entitled “Novel Modelling Approaches and Application of Residue-based Fuels” (2AO.5) commencing at 15:10. This session covers new CFD models for simulations of packed bed pellet combustion, alkali release from the fuel bed during biomass pyrolysis, utilisation of used cooking oil in novel domestic heating combustion systems. In addition, emissions modelling and a method to predict pollutants from residential wood heating appliances are addressed.

The single session of Topic 2.3 (2AO.8) starts at 16:20 and is entitled “Innovative measures towards high efficiency and availability in large scale combustion”. The session deals with utilisation of residues from olive production in an industrial boiler as well as retrofitting of existing large-scale combustion plants, in particular aiming at fuel flexibility, including the use of additives, and high efficiency. Innovative modelling and experimental methods are also addressed to decrease maintenance costs, support failure prediction and high availability.

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