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Plenary Sessions Preview (Part 3)

Previews by

Dr. David Baxter

Former European Commission JRC, EUBCE Executive Committee Member

Biomass Conversion to Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers and Sustainable Biofuels
Plenary Session DP.1 Thursday 8 June 10:15 - 11:30

The first presentation in this plenary sessions assesses the continued progress made with fast pyrolysis for the production of bio-oil and of engine performance when bio-oil is used in compression-ignition engines coupled with electricity generators for balancing demands in electricity grids fed in large part by fluctuating renewable electricity from solar and wind farms. The work described here covers engine performance in terms of efficiency, environmental emissions and corrosion of engine components as a function of the feedstock used to produce the bio-oil in the BTG fast pyrolysis process.

The consequences of the specifics of engine design and the addition of ethanol to reduce bio-oil viscosity will be discussed. Results will be presented for a single cylinder engine and a 50kW four-cylinder prototype, including heat recovery and flue gas treatment for low emissions.

Hydrothermal liquefaction is the topic of the second plenary presentation in this session and looks specifically at depolymerisation of lignin which is a major by-product of the pulp industry and very often only used as a combustion fuel for energy. Results will be presented from laboratory experiments under various batch and continuous conditions with black liquor and various model substances and which illustrate the range of compositions of the organic phase derived from the original lignin with high molecular weights achieved at the highest processing temperatures and a clear correlation between molecular weight and temperature and holding times.

These results permit the establishment of a reaction pathway which can describe lignin depolymerisation in greater detail than previously reported.

Mechanical catalytic conversion (MECC) is a process that is a process that can be used for the direct conversion of solid lignocellulosic biomass into high energy drop-in hydrocarbon fuels. This plenary presentation will highlight some of the advantages of MECC over the likes of pyrolysis, hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO) and fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), which include economic considerations. Results will be presented from a 150 litres an hour test plant using a range of wood wastes which yield a fuel that directly complies with marine fuel specification. An additional step to remove sulphur gives a fuel that meets the European automotive diesel fuel specification. Further development of processing aimsd at reaching aviation fuel quality. The bio-charcoal by-product could be considered for carbon sequestration.

For more on this and the other plenaries, have a look at the detailed conference programme.

The Giuliano Grassi Prize:
A prize for the Excellence
in Biomass Industrial Deployment

In view of recognition of the role of the industry, in 2022 the EUBCE management decided to establish the Giuliano Grassi Prize: Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment to be awarded to an individual whose contribution in the industrial deployment of biomass has been exceptional facilitating market deployment of biomass.
After quite some thought and search, the name of Giuliano Grassi Prize was proposed, in view of the contribution of Dr Giuliano Grassi had during his lifetime, to Renewable Energies and in particular Bioenergy and Photovoltaic, as European leader of the aforementioned programmes managed in Brussels on behalf of the European Union, becoming engaged in large integration projects for Renewable Energies, in particular Bioenergy, all over Europe. He also initiated links with major players in India, China, Latin America and Africa. One of the international networks he initiated is EUBIA, the European industry association with the headquarters in Brussels.

The Giuliano Grassi Prize “Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment” bylaws are available here.

The Laureate of the Giuliano Grassi Prize 2023 will be announced during the Opening Session of EUBCE 2023.

The deadline for nomination of candidates is 6 May 2023.

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