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pfeil Monday 14 May 2018 Conference Opening Speakers
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Monday 14 May 2018 Conference Opening Speakers

Join us for the Opening - free admission to the Monday morning programme

09:00 - 10:00     Scientific Opening / Plenary Session: Applications of Science in Industry

  • Piotr Szymanski, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Director of Energy, Transport and Climate
  • Nicolae Scarlat, Technical Programme Chairman, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate
  • Jennifer Holmgren, Lanzatech, Chief Executive Officer, USA
    No Carbon Left Behind: Recycling Carbon in the Steel Industry and Beyond
  • Urban Wästljung, Scania CV AB, PhD Senior adviser, Public & Sustainability Affairs, Corporate Relations, CA, Sweden
    Why Bioenergy is Necessary for a Sustainble Transport System - Achievements of SCANIA in decarbonising transport
  • Marko Janhunen, UPM, Director Public Affairs and LSB Chair, Finland
    New Opportunities in Bioeconomy
  • Ole Hvelplund, NGF (Nature Energy),Chief Executive Officer, Denmark
    The largest biogas plant operator in Denmark

10:15 – 11:15     Opening Addresses


Michael Persson, EUBCE Conference General Chairman, DI Bioenergi – Danish Bioenergy Association, Head of Secretariat, Denmark

  • Lars Chr. Lilleholt, The Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Denmark
  • Jorge Seguro Sanches, The Secretary of State for Energy of Portugal, Portugal
  • Jeppe Kofod, Member of European Parliament
  • Giulio Volpi, Policy Officer, European Commission DG Energy
  • Thomas Schrøder, Vice-President Biorefining Commercial, Novozymes, Finland

11:15 – 12:30     Moderated Panel Discussion
                             The vital role of biomass for climate protection and sustainable development –
                             How to make it happen


Paolo Frankl, Head of Renewable Energy Division, IEA - International Energy Agency, France

  • Dana R. Younger, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, Global Infrastructure & Natural Resources Department, World Bank Group, USA
  • Blanka Toukoniitty, Associate, Dr. Sc. (Tech) Research & Development, NESTE Corporation, Finland
  • Paolo Corvo, Head of Sales & Marketing Biofuels & Derivates, CLARIANT, Germany
  • Dolf Gielen, IRENA, Director of the Innovation and Technology Center in Bonn
  • Claus Sauter, CEO VERBIO, Germany
  • Renato Domith Godinho, Biofuture Platform alternate focal point for Brazil and interim facilitator, Head, Division for New and Renewable Energy Resources - DRN, Brazil

12:30     Linneborn Prize / EUBIA Award

 Conference Programme

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Closing Session Preview

15:15-16:45     Closing Session


Michael Persson, EUBCE Conference General Chairman, DI Bioenergi – Danish Bioenergy Association, Head of Secretariat, Denmark

Keynote Speech

Adam Brown, IEA Paris, Senior Energy Analyst, United Kingdom
Moving to the Next Level - How Can We Accelerate Sustainable Bioenergy Deployment?

Highlights of the Conference Week

Nicolae Scarlat, Technical Programme Chairman, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate

Student Awards Ceremony

Jean-Francois Dallemand, EUBCE Coordinator of Student Awards 2018, European Commission, JRC, Institute for Energy, Renewable Energy Unit

Poster Awards Ceremony

Dimitrios Sidiras, EUBCE Coordinator of Best Visual Presentation Awards 2018, University of Piraeus, Industrial Management and Technology Dpt., Greece

Farewell & Closing

Michael Persson, EUBCE Conference General Chairman, DI Bioenergi – Danish Bioenergy Association, Head of Secretariat, Denmark

Detailed Parallel Events & Workshops Agenda

Parallel Events

Monday 14 May, 14:30 - 18:00
Danish bioenergy solutions and Denmark as testing ground

Hear about the Danish bioenergy industry and meet a variety of leading industry agents and companies. Get insights to funding and investment opportunities in the Danish bioenergy industry and hear how Denmark can be used as testing ground for new technologies and solutions.
Organised by:

Tuesday 15th May 12:30-15:30
Sustainability and governance of bioenergy supply chains

Presentation of results of the IEA Bioenergy Inter-task project on “Measuring, governing and gaining support for sustainable bioenergy supply chains”.
Organised by:

Tuesday 15th May 13:30-16:45
Sino-Europe Low-Carbon Integrated Waste Management Seminar

The event is aimed at promoting the exchange between the Chinese and European waste management industries, especially exploring low-carbon waste integrated management.
Organised by:

Thursday 17th May 09:00-13:00
Increase in Reduction and Recovery of Expired Food – i-REXFO under EU LIFE

i-REXFO Project presents a two-sided event with two different sessions. The first session is about gaining knowledge on Danish experiences with handling food waste and using bio waste in the energy chain. The second session will focus on barriers and bottlenecks on an EU level, when handling food waste.
Organised by:


Monday 14 May, 14:30-17:00
EU Policy and Industry perspectives on Biofuels in a global context

The Workshop is structured in two sections. The first part comprises presentations from ART Fuels and International Organizations on the global dimension of the Advanced Biofuels, while during the second part a moderated panel discussion will take place among representatives of the sustainable, advanced, alternative and renewable transportation fuels (ART Fuels) industry, focusing on the benefits and market uptake potential of the ART-Fuels.
Organised by:

Tuesday 15th May, 13:15-18:30
SEEMLA – Sustainable exploitation of biomass for bioenergy from marginal lands in Europe

The main objective of the H2020 funded EU project SEEMLA (acronym for Sustainable Exploitation of Biomass for Bioenergy from Marginal Lands in Europe) is the establishment of suitable innovative land-use strategies for a sustainable production of plant-based energy on marginal lands while improving general ecosystem services.
Organised by:

Tuesday 15th May, 15:15-18:30
Getting (some) Numbers Right – Derived Economic Indicators for the Bioeconomy

This side-event brings together policy officers from national and EU administrations, researchers, and sector experts to scrutinise the socioeconomic indicators we use on a daily basis. Do we have a realistic picture of today’s bioeconomy in Europe? Are we using the right indicators with the correct data? What are the avenues to improve in the short-term?
Organised by:

Tuesday 15th May, 15:30-17:00
Bioeconomy trends in developing countries

This session aims to bring examples and views of bioeconomy in the Global South focusing on the value chains and different governance forms.
Organised by:

Wednesday 16th May, 08:30-10:15
Bioenergy policy framework

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the context of a sustainability assessment and policy framework that ensures selection of bioenergy and alternative options with sufficient environmental quality, stimulates investments in capacity development oriented towards long term carbon goals and provides a climate for lasting economic and social benefits derived from forestry and agriculture.
Organised by:

Wednesday 16th May, 13:30 – 16:45
Bioenergy towards 2030 - Needs and opportunities for research and innovation to meet the targets for the next decade

The event will inform about the role of bioenergy in the scenario of the EU Energy Union, the SET-Plan implementation, and the current status of the for the planning of the new EU programme for research and innovation related to renewable energy (FP9). A final panel of experts will discuss the outlook and the priorities for bioenergy in the European research and innovation agenda towards 2030.
Organised by:

Thursday 17th May, 09:00-16:00
Production and utilisation options for Solid Recovered Fuels

In the circular economy, the production and utilisation of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is increasingly recognised as an important element in waste management practises. Recently there have been several new experiences in the production and use of SRF. This workshop provides and update in the potential market volumes of SRF, policy developments and experiences of market actors involved.
Organised by:

Thursday 17th May, 09:00-10:30
Sustainable Biomass using the Nordic Forestry Model – Potentials and Climate benefits
Organised by:


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