EUBCE 2020 News No. 16

pfeil The EUBCE 2020 is going virtual & becomes e-EUBCE in 2020!
pfeil Together we can start a new EUBCE

The EUBCE 2020 is going virtual & becomes e-EUBCE in 2020!


Given the current pandemic and measures to contain SARS-CoV-2, the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition cannot proceed in the usual form, and therefore it will be held entirely digitally in 2020! This decision is based also on the positive vote of our conference contributors, where two thirds are in favour of such a digital event.

Furthermore, due to this unprecedented pandemic in modern times, the theme of the Conference has changed into "Bioeconomy's role in the post-pandemic economic recovery". With this overarching theme, EUBCE will address the enormous challenges facing the community to mobilise our joint efforts in the global recovery process.

All authors will be invited, where appropriate, to adapt their presentations on how their work contributes towards this global effort.

As organisers we are excited to invest our efforts in this new format, providing not only conference access for many more participants, and also to surprise you with new additional services which will enhance the conference also in future, post-COVID-19 crisis times.

Please feel encouraged to contribute with ideas, practical suggestions and maybe even your own experience which you might have had already by writing to

Together we can start a new EUBCE

The EUBCE Executive Committee is supporting the conference organizer to take EUBCE to the next level and to develop the e-EUBCE digitally. This takes into account the current challenging situation and assumes that the Biomass Community is available for contributing with its excellent work and know-how to this conference. This new platform will offer functionality, content and interaction methods remotely by:
  • Innovative solutions
  • Developing new participant’s experience and services
  • Making the conference accessible from any place around the world
We are confident that by using available innovative solutions we will be building an added-value service so far not achieved.

This summer we will still be able to ensure a virtual “rendez-vous” for our EUBCE conference participants and provide the possibility to present their work online, through this digital platform and to publish in the EUBCE proceedings.

We will continue to keep in touch, to update, to be flexible and fast and to take the appropriate measures professionally and courageously. We realize that we will not be alone because we can build, together with all of you, on a true community assembled over many years.

With your contribution we are a real community and we will make a functional system of indispensable value.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Please take care of yourself and one another.



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