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(Important! Deadline for reservation 17 June 2024)

Preview Plenary Sessions by

Dr. David Baxter

Former European Commission JRC, EUBCE Executive Committee Member

Wednesday and Thursday

Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy
Plenary Session CP.1 - Wednesday 10.15-11.30

This plenary session covers the scope of Topic 1 including sustainable resources for decarbonising the economy. Three presentations address above all marginal lands, feedstocks with low land use change impacts and optimisation of microalgae production.

The first presentation by Berien Elbersen, Wageningen Environmental Research, will cover the results from work done in the MIDAS project on mapping current and future marginal lands while taking account of most recent data available and climate change effects.

The second presentation, by Efthymia Alexopoulou, CRES, focuses on the final results of the case studies analysed in BIKE project where the main focus is on biomass feedstocks with low risk of indirect land use change (low ILUC).

The final presentation, by Stacy Ragueneau, Aix-Marseille Université, will focus on the significant interest developing methods for cultivating microalgae to harness their cellular content and bioactive compounds, thereby providing solutions to current challenges in areas such as the environment, food production and the energy transition.


Capturing the Future:
What Lies Ahead for Biobased Carbon Removals
Plenary Session CP.2 - Wednesday 13.45-14.45

This special plenary session addresses the potential of biomass-based negative emissions technologies and including an overview of the first EU-wide voluntary framework to reliably certify high-quality carbon removals and the importance of creating a supportive and predictable policy framework that investors and consumers can trust. The session will present possible pathways to achieve a carbon market that is consistent, standardised, and transparent, ensuring that all available solutions receive equal support to become successful market actors.

The session will feature presentations by Johan Börje, Stockholm Exergi, Vincent Queau, HAFFNER Energy and Simon Staufer, Neustark.


Biomass Conversion to Intermediate
Bioenergy Carriers and Sustainable Biofuels
Plenary Session DP.1 - Thursday 10.15-11.30

This plenary session will compare and review various production technologies for advanced biofuels, with the main focus on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

The first presentation, by Karla Dussan Rojas, TNO, covers jet fuel molecules from furanics and looks in particular at the challenges and the opportunities.

The second presentation by Bert Van De Beld BTG Biomass Technology Group, will address sustainable aviation and marine fuel from fast pyrolysis bio-oil. The fast pyrolysis process has developed steadily over the last decade or so and has found numerous applications for its bio-oil product.

The final presentation, by Etienne De Chambost, CEA, comprises an assessment of the technical and economic performances of biofuels, E-fuels and E-biofuels processes.


Parallel Event: Focus on France

Tuesday 25 June - 13:45-18:30, Room Morgiou

The members of the National Committee invite you to the Event, "Focus on France", a EUBCE parallel event, Chanot Conference Centre, Marseille.

4 sujets présentés en tables rondes:

- Les enjeux de la Bioeconomie en France
- Positionnement de l'Agriculture et de l'agroindustrie pour les filières biocarburants
- Contribution des biocarburants pour les secteurs maritime et fluvial
- Les services environnementaux des filières (micro)algues

4 roundtables on the topics:

- Bioeconomy issues for France
- Biomass from agriculture/agroindustry for biofuels
- Biofuels for maritime and fluvial sectors
- Environmental services from (micro)algae

Participation to this event is free of charge but with mandatory registration


Closing Session Agenda

Thursday 27 June - 15:00-18:00, Auditorium

Technical Tours
(Important! Deadline for reservation 17 June 2024)

We want to ensure you get the best experience from EUBCE 2024. Therefore, we've organized exclusive guided technical tours on Friday morning to visit and discuss innovative and forward-thinking installations.

1.The CEA – a key player in scientific and technological research
  • Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnologies of Aix-Marseille. Green Solutions for Tomorrow
  • PHYTOTEC platform. A plant experimentation platform at the service of research and industry
  • CEA Technology Research Division (DRT)
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2.Eranova Technology from the sea - Algae to change the plastic planet

A new generation of Biosourced polymers from Upcycling Algae Biomass reducing Algae bloom and Plastic Polution.

Eranova manufactures a bio-sourced material from this pollutant harvested from the Mediterranean coast, which can substitute for fossil-origin plastics.

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