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Argument for Biofuels

Philippe Marchand

Former Total, France

Milton Friedman once professed that legislative action invariably reflects the public opinion of twenty to thirty years earlier. With transport in the EU being challenged to dramatically reduce its GHG emissions by 2030, and the EU Commission aggressively regulating in this direction, maybe we should probe the public opinion about its expectations regarding travel:

A freedom to go and visit friends and family, to travel to your holiday resort or escape for the week-end: most of those activities are done by car, the cheapest way for a family. Freedom matters.

An alternative to public transport: except in large cities, where the public transport grid is usually dense and reasonably efficient, most citizens, living in low-density towns and non-urban areas, the vast majority of us in most Western World countries, will prefer to use their car for the comfortable 30 minute ride to work than spending one hour and a half squeezed in a bus, infrequent and operating on a limited network: example taken from 100 000 inhabitants Limoges, a typical mid-size city in France, Western Europe. Time (and comfort) is of the essence.

Over the last forty years, Western World citizens living on our globalized planet expect goods and services to become cheaper, and any attempt to change what is perceived as a deserved way of life today has faced a kind of Yellow Vest’ upsurge, in various formats, according to local lore. Money matters.

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The EUBCE Programme PREVIEW is online.

The European Commission Joint Research Centre coordinates the conference programme which is designed to cover the entire range of Biomass research, technologies and applications focusing on the latest scientific, technological and market-related trends.

Here is a preview of what you can expect at EUBCE 2021:
  • More than 600 plenary, oral and visual presentations as part of the conference programme, workshops and parallel events
  • Introduction of latest research results, next-generation technologies and solutions
  • Engaging discussions around the economic and political framework
  • Networking with the international biomass community
  • A virtual exhibition to connect players, policy-makers and scientists with companies, research institutes

Early Bird Registration until 5 March

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