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pfeil EUBCE 2020 Programme Highlights starting today with Topic 1: Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy
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EUBCE 2020 Programme Highlights starting today with Topic 1: Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy

Topic 1: Sustainable Resources for Decarbonising the Economy

Monday 27 April

The main programme of the conference starts at 13:30 with parallel sessions. There will be 3 sessions from Topic 1.1,“Biomass potentials and biomass production models”. The first oral session is 1AO.1 on “Territorial biomass assessment” which comprises case studies of territorial biomass assessment and mobilisation from around the world, including sugarcane yield estimation in Brazil, energy crops and residues in Colombia and renewable fuel supply chains in Ireland. At 15:15 session 1AO.4 on “Approaches and methodologies to assess biomass potential” considers subjects including, biofuel potentials from hydrothermal liquefaction, abandoned lands for biomass monitoring and remote satellite imagery and guidelines for sugarcane straw removal in Brazil. Finally on Monday afternoon a starting at 17:00, session 1AO.7, on “achieving sustainable biomass potentials”, looks at global biomass potentials and sustainability constraints, including  global potential assessment of available land for bioenergy in 2050 taking into account food security limits and quantification of agricultural production potential in relation to food and biobased demands, as well as studies on climate impacts on mobilization of wood resources in France and giant reed potentials on marginal land in Italy.

There will also be one visual/poster session on Monday afternoon starting at 15:15, from Topic 1.5, “Municipal and industrial wastes”. Session 1AV.4 is on “Recovery and Valorization of Wastewater, Urban and Industrial Waste for Materials and Energy” which addresses the results from a range of research projects focused on the recovery and the valorization of municipal and industrial waste in terms of both materials and energy. Experimental trials, concept studies and assessments are included.

Stay tuned for our preview of Topic 2: Biomass Technologies and Conversion for Bioenergy next week!

Listen From our Topic Organiser for Topic 1

“It's an important topic because if you want to decarbonize the economy biomass crops and energy grasses they are the solution.”

Prof. Ana Luisa Fernando
Bios Bioenergiesysteme
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Student Awards 2020

To encourage high-quality work among young researchers, the EUBCE Student Awards are delivered in recognition of the most remarkable and outstanding research work in the field of Biomass on the occasion of the EUBCE. The Scientific Committee selected international students who submitted abstracts for EUBCE conference programme. The award is meant to honour students with extraordinary achievements in their scientific activities and encourages young researchers to engage themselves.

TOPIC 1 Student Awardee Presentation

Lauren Menandro
Session 1AO.4.4, Monday, 27 April 2020, 15:15-16:45
Guidelines for Sugarcane Straw Removal: A Decision-Making Tool for Assessing the Potential and Availability of Biomass
Brazilian Biorenewables National Laboratory (LNBR/CNPEM), Brazil

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