March 2024
Powering a Greener Future for Aviation and Marine Transport FUEL-UP Project
FUEL-UP is a new EU Horizon funded project, launched on 1 January 2024, aimed at transforming biogenic waste into advanced biofuels to enable the green transition and de-fossilize the aviation and marine transport sectors.
The project's partners met in Brussels last 6-7 February for the kick-off meeting.
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies is the proud leader for the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities for this project.
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Greening the Chemical Industry with Electricity: ELOXYCHEM Project
ELOXYCHEM, launched on 1 January 2024, is a new Horizon Europe project that will support the European green and the digital transition establishing commercially relevant elextrochemical oxidation processes to replace existing thermochemical processes - reliant on imported materials and fossil-fuels.
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies is leading the communication and dissemination activities of the project. 
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From Biowaste to Soil Regeneration:  Bin2Bean Project Living Labs
In Bin2Bean project, local actors from 3 different European cities are actively working to find new viable solutions for the improvement of biowaste collection and soil improvers production. Learn more about the project's Living Labs in the cities of Amsterdam, Egaleo and Hamburg.
Get to know how the Bin2Bean project is going to support European cities in implementing new circular solutions that can help restore the health of our soils and unlock new opportunities by watching this video.
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Connecting Forestry and Agroforestry Partnerships across Europe: Operational Groups in FOREST4EU Project
FOREST4EU project has recently developed an Operational Groups Map, showing an overview of the main active groups in the project's partner countries, together with a short description and a classification per ITHubs. The main aim of this map is to cross national borders, and disseminate innovations and best practices of local Operational Groups at European level. In addition, the project has recently published its first project newsletter and a video interview to Dr. Francisco Javier Casado Hebrard from Steinbeis Europa Zentrum showcasing the main results and activities performed during the first year of FOREST4EU.
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Biomethane Production Routes in the EU:  GreenMeUp Project Article 
Europe is set to produce 35 bcm of biomethane by 2030. This will help decarbonize the power, buildings, industry and transport sectors, and reduce EU's energy dependence on third countries. GreenMeUp project has just released a report on production routes for biogas and biomethane in Europe from anaerobic digestion. The analysis shows that feedstock usage for biomethane production is extremely varied and includes multiple types of agri-residues and waste.
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Renewable Methanol Production for the Shipping Industry: M2ARE Project New Video
Methanol can play a key role to tackle this issue and decrease GHG emissions in global shipping, with up to 70% of savings.
For this reason, the M2ARE project aims at producing a new grade of low-cost and low-carbon methanol, based on biogenic CO2, and renewable H2. Check the project website for further information on the project activities and objectives.
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Quantifying and Deploying Responsible Negative Emissions: NEGEM Project 

In the last 4 years NEGEM project has studied the realistic potentials and the responsible pathways for the deployment of CDR as a crucial tool to supplement emissions reduction in the EU's efforts towards climate neutrality by 2050.

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State-of-the-art Biomass & Waste Gasification - Why the time is now!

At this year's BIOFOR Conference at PaperWeek Canada, held in Montreal, FlexSNG project held its second topical workshop entitled "Competitive advantage and risk mitigation for a large-scale biofuel process." 

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Growing Energy Crops on Contaminated Land for Biofuels and Soil Remediation

In the last 6 months GOLD project has completed another year of field trials, biomass conversions are underway, and consortium partners have been busy presenting at conferences around the world. 

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Circular Production of Microalgae-based Fuels for Shipping and Aviation: COCPIT Project Introductory Videos

Check out COCPIT project introductory video shot during the project kick-off meeting in France and the interview to the project's coordinator Sary Awad, IMT Atalntique.

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Critical Raw Materials: What is at Stake? Resilex Project Webinar

Watch the replay and download the presentations of Resilex project's webinar focused on EU Critical Raw Materials Act.

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Biofuels through Electrochemical Transformation of Intermediate Bio-Liquids

EBIO project aims at generating energy dense biofuels through electrochemical transformation of intermediate liquified biomass. Learn more about the project's latest activities.

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FOREST4EU Project National Workshops

18 March - 19 April 2024, Latvia, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain

Are you a stakeholder in the field of forestry and agroforestry? Do not miss the opportunity to attend FOREST4EU national workshops!

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IEA Bioenergy Webinar: Treating and Valorizing the Aqueous Phase from Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL)

19 March 2024, Online 

This webinar will present some of the most advanced approaches to aqueous phase treatment, which is a crucial point for the development of HTL to a commercial scale.

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FlexSNG Project Webinar: Biochar Production Routes, Properties and Potential Uses 

10 April 2024, Online 
Join us for a comprehensive webinar as speakers delve into the world of biochar. Learn how biochar is produced, discover its properties, and explore potential applications, including the innovative FlexSNG concept for biochar production.
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EBIO Project Webinar: What is Pyrolysis Oil?

16 April 2024, Online

Have you ever wondered where pyrolysis oil comes from and what it's used for? Join us for the first EBIO webinar to hear about pyrolysis oil production and its real life uses.

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NEGEM Project Final Event: Visions and Pathways for CDR in the EU

18 April 2024, Brussels, Belgium

This event will discuss about the realistic potentials and the responsible pathways for the deployment of Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies and practices, as effective measures to supplement emissions reduction, in the EU's strategy towards climate neutrality by 2050. 

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IEA Bioenergy Webinar: Novel Opportunities for the Development of Biorefineries

16 May 2024, Online

The webinar will present databases and case studies as tools to assess the biorefinery developments worldwide and future opportunities through the integration of bioeconomy and hydrogen economy.

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Seconda Conferenza Rete Italiana del Fotovoltaico

11-12 June 2024, Bozen, Italy
During the event PV research findings and best practices will be shared with participants from academia, government agencies, and industry to encourage cooperation and innovation. The conference will also be an opportunity for young scientists to present their research work and gain valuable feedback from experts.

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32nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - EUBCE 2024

24-27 June 2024, Marseille, France
Join the largest biomass scientific & industry-focused conference next June in Marseille. Each year, EUBCE brings together the greatest minds and latest advancements in biomass, with the aim of accelerating research and market uptake across the globe.

Discover EUBCE 2024 Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities!

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